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Buying and selling a property can be exciting or stressful.  Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

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Selling a Property: Your Questions Answered

How can I get an appraisal of my property with Dawn Properties?

Call, email, or Facebook Dawn for a confidential appraisal and we will come to your property and sit with you to determine your plans for the property.  You can also download an appraisal form and email it to me to get started. Click here to download 

How can I list my property with Dawn Properties?

After we have determined the market value of the property, we will have the listing form drawn up to be signed so the listing of the property can commence. Photographs will be taken and then all advertising will be started.

What costs are there to sell the property with your Agency?

There are no upfront costs with Dawn Properties, all standard online, social media, signage and  photography for your advertising is included in my commission.

If any professional photography, print media or larger Real ads are required these are charged as extras.  A title search is required on Contract and there is a fee of $25.00 for this normally payable at Settlement.

What happens when the offer has been accepted?

Dawn will draw the Contracts up and have the buyers sign first, and then will forward to the Vendor for their approval and signatures.

Both parties Solicitors will sometimes read the Contract through before they sign, and may make alterations depending on the situation.

When both parties have signed, the Contract will be dated, then forwarded to the respective solicitors to start the conveyancing process.

If the contract is subject to finance, a copy is also forwarded to their financier.

What happens at Settlement?

When the solicitors meet at a pre-determined time and date, either face to face or via electronic pexa system, they determine that they both have all the paperwork and funds ready to make the transfer.

As the vendor, you will receive notification at that point and the property transfer is made to the buyer and all purchase monies, fees and commissions are transferred at this point.

Keys and any other items are handed over by the agent to the buyer once permission letters have been sent by both solicitors.

What determines the values of my property?

Dawn will conduct a comparative market apraisal of the property and will also do an onsite inspection to get a feel for the local market value.   An assessment of all buildings and features will be made and then a market price will be determined.

What is the listing form and how does it work?

The listing form is called a Form 6 and gives the agent the legal right to sell the property on your behalf.  This is a legally binding form so we make sure you understand the terms included.

What commission is payable and when is it payable?

Dawn Properties charges a set commission fee including GST, which is payable only at the settlement of the property.

What happens when we get an offer on the property?

Dawn will talk you through the offer that has been made and then discuss whether you should accept the offer or come back to the client with a counter – offer.

How long are the finance clauses, building and pest clauses and settlement dates?

Finance clauses are generally from 14-28 days long, building and pest clauses 14 days is standard, and settlement dates are generally from 30 days to 90 days.

However, the length of each clause is negotiable. When each of the clauses has been satisfied you will notify your solicitor or they will notify you.

More questions?

We are happy to answer any further questions you might have, or explain the steps in more detail if you need.

Whether it is a rural, residential property or business you are looking to sell, Dawn Properties has the insight and experience to secure the sale of your property.

Dawn’s approach is to place the customer at the centre of everything she does.  Her focus is on customers who are actively looking to buy or sell.

Contact Dawn for further information or to have your questions answered.



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